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beelitz-heilstätten is a run-down hospital complex just out of berlin. it was built in 1898 and in use till the 1990’s. it consist of 60 buildings. in the beginning the hospital was specialized in treating lung diseases until in world war 1 it became a military hospital of the imperial german army. in 1916 hitler was treated here for two month after being wounded in a battle. in world war 2 the hospital was occupied by the soviet military forces and it stayed in soviet hands long after the reunification. even honecker was treated here once.

today the sanatorium is a ghost town. buildings still relatively intact it is now a place for horror parties during the night and (also illegal) tourists trips during the day. whereas one isn’t less dangerous than the other. murders, suicides, satanic gatherings, people falling out of windows or breaking through ceilings, you name it – it happens here. this is partly due to the fact that the history of the sanatorium is so interesting. also the buildings seem to be in relatively good condition and are therefore a great breeding ground for what every story you are looking for. the remains of what people left behind, drawings on the walls and weird sounds do the rest. the myth of a still intact operating room, which we didn’t find by the way, are keeping explores of the urban decay on their toes.

the grounds are not guarded but you have to be a keen climber, small windows are usually the way to squeeze through. some have access through the cellars. if anyone finds the operating room, do share.

creatives form all over the world have come here, even the pianist had some scenes shot here.